Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Discount!!

Here is the deal! You still have plenty of time to place an order and get it in time for Christmas! As a little incentive, I am offering 15% off your purchase PLUS free shipping OR buy three bands get one free PLUS free shipping until Christmas!! Mention "Jingle Bells" anywhere in your email to me at when ordering and you will receive this discount. Also, be watchin out for more fun bands to come! Just have to hook the camera up and do some down loading! ENJOY!! is another sweet deal! This is The New Year Deal. If you live in Northern Utah and would like to host a party, here are the goods. If you host between now and the last day of February, you will get a FREE watch face, a FREE watch band, and 10% of your parties total sales FREE stuff! (Ex. if your party sales $300 worth of stuff you get $30 of whatever you want...bands, faces, bracelets, earrings, necklaces) Good Deal huh?? You can email about booking your party at

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

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