Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Bling

I know...another favorite!! This is my new favorite "springy blingy" watch band! The beads in it are VERY cool! They are clear, colored beads and then on the insde is a colored foil. These bright colored foil beads are paired with clears, silvers, and a bit of white. Gives all of your fun spring clothes the little bit of "umph" they need to be fun spring clothes! LOVE IT!! Be prepared for TONS of complients!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And the Winner is....

For once in my life, I am right on time!! I said 9:00 PM and it is, right on the dot!
The winner of the first ever WATCHIN OUT give away is---
Sam won her entries by becoming a follower, making a comment,
forwarding eamils, and booking a party!
Thanks for everyone's support, keep checking back for new things and give aways.
There is more to come!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fancy and FREE

If you are like me, you are about DONE with this winter stuff! I am so ready to bring out the shorts and the tee shirts! Every year I get to this point and think I need a new wardrobe for the spring/summer. Since it never happens the way "I" think it should, I settle for a few new fun pieces of jewelry and call it good! So here is the deal...

Watchin Out is doing it's first ever GIVE AWAY!
We've done giveaways sponsored by others by this is the first one on our own!

This is how it will work:
You can get you name put in a drawing for doing the following things-
  • Making a comment on your fave band (1 entry per comment)
  • Becoming a public follower of the site (2 entries)
  • Sending and email to your friends and family that you want to share this with Simply send an email to everyone you care about (including me so I know who you sent it to) that says something like "Check out this awesome give away at " (1 entry per person you send it to.)
  • Make a purchase (1 entry for every dollar you spend. 1 band=15entries...3 bands=45 entries and so on)
  • Book a Party for those of you in Northern Utah (25 entries)

What is up for grabs??
That is a $30 value!

The drawing will be one week from today, Tuesday March 16, 2010
If you have any questions email me at

Princess Pink

All dressed up with no where to go! This is a MUST for your little princess! This little girls watch band is equipped with every shade of pink to go with every party dress, tee shirt, and leotard in her closet! The clear and the silver make it a little "blingy" too!

Lil Patty

This is a little girl's St. Patrick's watch, but is perfect for those spring green outfits, too! The swirls and stripes look so cute on little girls. Fun and fab, but not too much for your little lady!

Little Pansy

This is a little girls watch band in all of the fantastic shades of purple. The stiped beads make this a fun one that your little lady will be sure to love! This is chunky for a little girl, but not too big! My 8 year old wears this one DAILY!

Pool Side

A casual, fun band for those lazy days of summer. The aqua, teal, brown stone, and white flower connectors make this another great band that will spice up any outfit...add that SPLASH of color to a white tee shirt!

Summer Sky

I hear this aqua blue is the "new" in color this year, so be sure to have a watch to match all of you fun summer clothes! This is a great combo of teal, aqua, white, clear, and silver that will put you in the mood to lounge in the summer sun...even if you are stuck at work, in the house, or worse :)

St. Patty's

Don't get caught without GREEN! This is a super fun band for St. Patrick's Day, but would be fun all summer...even Christmas!

Who doesn't love green?! With all of the different shades, this is the perfect, fun, green watch!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sand Castle

I know we all wear brown all winter long, but this is a fun way to stray from your winter drown in to a more spring/summer brown. Still packed with tans, creams and silver just not as dark as some of the other browns.