Thursday, August 5, 2010

Clear and White Dangle

Add the shine, bling, and finishing touch to any outfit with this clear, silver, and white dangle. Make it fancy or flashy! A must for every collection!

Berry Patch Dangle

This was a special order for my mom who needs something to match every outfit she has PERFECTLY! This is a combo of orange, green, red, pink and silver. A super fun dangle for all of those summer months!

Stripes and Spots Dangle

One of my most requested watch bands now has a fabulous dangle to match! This combo of black, white, clear, stripes and spots accented with silver adds a lot of fun to simple outfit!

Teal Dangle

This is such a rich blend of teal, silver, clear and white. It is such a pretty dangle and would spice up a lot of different outfits!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Drum Roll Please....

Let me preface this drawing:

Some of the entries were entered incorrectly. Since I didn't do a very good job of explaining how to enter, I am giving everyone all of their entries. I had 42 listed comments, some of them containing what should have been more than one entry. So I added in 17 more entries making entry 43 one for Sarita, 44 for Berry Family and so on making sure everyone gets all of their entries. With a total number of entries being 59.
You have 24 hours to email me at to claim your prize! Thanks to all who entered! Keep watching for fun and new things!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


You have about 15 more hours till the winner will be draw! If you haven't entered, do it...NOW! If you are picking the band you would like a dangle to match, leave each one as a seperate comment. GOOD LUCK!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Since I am a SLACKER...

Since I am a slacker and I haven't posted anything new for months I am hoping I can bribe you into forgiving me! Here goes--

Enter to Win a

Changeable Necklace!

You will get a Chain and a Dangle of your choice!

a $17 value

The Give Away will be on

Monday July 26, 2010

To earn entries:

1. Become a follower and leave a comment saying you became a follower. If you are already a follower simply leave a comment saying Hi!

2. Earn an entry for leaving a comment telling me which bands you like to have matching dangle to go with (up to five)

3. Post on your Blog, Facebook, or Twitter about the give away. Then leave a comment telling which you posted on. (be sure to leave an individual comment for all sites that you posted on...more entries!)

4. Book a party! If you are in Northern Utah you can host a party at your house where I come and bring all of my things and you and your friends and family make and design all of the fun things you can handle. This is good for 5 entries!

5. Place an order! Each item you buy is good for 2 entries!


Necklace Dangles

These are a new fun way to match all of your necklaces to your watch bands. You buy your chain ($5) and then add dangles ($12 each). The dangles unhook from the chain so you can swap them out. I know there are only few on here now, but there are more to come. If there is something specific you want, let me know. Even if you want it to match something I haven't made, send me a picture and I will do my best to make it coordinate. I promise, you are going to LOVE THESE!!

Bright Bling Dangle

You are going to LOVE this one...everyone else does! I don't even have one for myself because every time I wear it someone buys it off of me, no lie! This has every color under the sun including white and clear. All of the fun bright colors really pop and match just about everything. This one is super cute for all of those fun summer outfits you have that are looking for the perfect necklace. And when you are done, you just unhook and change out the dangle to match with your next look!

Black Dangle

Not a very creative name, I know! Guess it is gone for today :) But this is another MUST have! This has a little bit of dark gray, clear, and of course black and silver. Again, it has many differant shapes and sizes and textures to catch the eye. Add this beauty of a changeable charm to your necklace!

Chocolate Chunk Dangle

This is one of those basics that you will wear over and over and it
will never get old! This is a great combo from light browns to dark browns. Some are shiny, some wooden, some glass. You are sure to love this must have for your changeable necklace. It is as easy as unhooking a clasp and changing out the dangle to match your next outfit!

Calm and Cool Dangle

This looks SO great with the calm an cool watch band! It is just enough to cordinate but not to much to be too matchy matchy. It has a variety of browns, silvers, chalk turqoise, and pink. There are lots of differant textures in it, too. The dangle unhooks from the chain so you can swap it out to match the next outfit.

Calm and Cool

This is a little different than my norm. But I love how the light pink accents the chalk turquoise. The brown is not just a normal brown but has a fun spotty grain in the wood. Perfect to spice up that plain pink skirt. make sure you check out the matching necklace!

God Bless America

I made this band for the 4th of July and haven't taken it off since. Infact, both of my girls have one, too. Everyone needs to show off their American Pride and this is a really fun way to do it. The blue stiped beads work really well with the red and white polka dots. It also has red, shimery white, foil blue and silvery foil. Show your support any time of year, not just July!


If you say you don't LOVE this, you are lying!! Another MUST have fave of mine! I love to match this little baby up with plain black tank and take if from blah to BAM! This has black, pink, silver and can't forget the polka dots!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Come Support!!

In need of a Mother's Day gift? I've got your answer!! Come and find something perfect for mom at:

Breast Cancer Awareness Boutique
Saturday, May 1
Noon – 6:00
10613 South 3210 West – So. Jordan

Scentsy by Stacy
Jewelry by Angie
Bead Watches by Erin
Vinyl words, etc. by Heather
Gel Glitter Toes by Tricia
For a May 1, appointment call: (801) 231-3464
Esthetics by Brooke (801) 231-8582
Great Looks Beauty Supply
Designer Jeans & Handbags
Fun Baby stuff, hair bows, etc.
Pastries & Baked Goods

$1 Raffle Tickets* for a chance to win prizes from:
Rod Works, Olive Garden, CafĂ© Rio, District Theater, Winger’s, Over the Top Cookies, The Jul Box, Great Looks

Just in time for
Mother’s Day – May 9

*Proceeds donated to Huntsman Cancer Institute

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Bling

I know...another favorite!! This is my new favorite "springy blingy" watch band! The beads in it are VERY cool! They are clear, colored beads and then on the insde is a colored foil. These bright colored foil beads are paired with clears, silvers, and a bit of white. Gives all of your fun spring clothes the little bit of "umph" they need to be fun spring clothes! LOVE IT!! Be prepared for TONS of complients!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And the Winner is....

For once in my life, I am right on time!! I said 9:00 PM and it is, right on the dot!
The winner of the first ever WATCHIN OUT give away is---
Sam won her entries by becoming a follower, making a comment,
forwarding eamils, and booking a party!
Thanks for everyone's support, keep checking back for new things and give aways.
There is more to come!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fancy and FREE

If you are like me, you are about DONE with this winter stuff! I am so ready to bring out the shorts and the tee shirts! Every year I get to this point and think I need a new wardrobe for the spring/summer. Since it never happens the way "I" think it should, I settle for a few new fun pieces of jewelry and call it good! So here is the deal...

Watchin Out is doing it's first ever GIVE AWAY!
We've done giveaways sponsored by others by this is the first one on our own!

This is how it will work:
You can get you name put in a drawing for doing the following things-
  • Making a comment on your fave band (1 entry per comment)
  • Becoming a public follower of the site (2 entries)
  • Sending and email to your friends and family that you want to share this with Simply send an email to everyone you care about (including me so I know who you sent it to) that says something like "Check out this awesome give away at " (1 entry per person you send it to.)
  • Make a purchase (1 entry for every dollar you spend. 1 band=15entries...3 bands=45 entries and so on)
  • Book a Party for those of you in Northern Utah (25 entries)

What is up for grabs??
That is a $30 value!

The drawing will be one week from today, Tuesday March 16, 2010
If you have any questions email me at

Princess Pink

All dressed up with no where to go! This is a MUST for your little princess! This little girls watch band is equipped with every shade of pink to go with every party dress, tee shirt, and leotard in her closet! The clear and the silver make it a little "blingy" too!

Lil Patty

This is a little girl's St. Patrick's watch, but is perfect for those spring green outfits, too! The swirls and stripes look so cute on little girls. Fun and fab, but not too much for your little lady!

Little Pansy

This is a little girls watch band in all of the fantastic shades of purple. The stiped beads make this a fun one that your little lady will be sure to love! This is chunky for a little girl, but not too big! My 8 year old wears this one DAILY!

Pool Side

A casual, fun band for those lazy days of summer. The aqua, teal, brown stone, and white flower connectors make this another great band that will spice up any outfit...add that SPLASH of color to a white tee shirt!

Summer Sky

I hear this aqua blue is the "new" in color this year, so be sure to have a watch to match all of you fun summer clothes! This is a great combo of teal, aqua, white, clear, and silver that will put you in the mood to lounge in the summer sun...even if you are stuck at work, in the house, or worse :)

St. Patty's

Don't get caught without GREEN! This is a super fun band for St. Patrick's Day, but would be fun all summer...even Christmas!

Who doesn't love green?! With all of the different shades, this is the perfect, fun, green watch!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sand Castle

I know we all wear brown all winter long, but this is a fun way to stray from your winter drown in to a more spring/summer brown. Still packed with tans, creams and silver just not as dark as some of the other browns.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Here is the cute hubby got laid off from his job in May. He had been at a funiture store for 10 years then BAM! no longer had a job. At that point he decided to make a change in his life and enrolled in Police Acadamy. He graduated from that at the end of December and started his first job as real live Police Officer today!! So to celebrate (firstly, that he got a job, secondly that he won't be home all day to bug me) we are going to have a SALE!!!

You all know that the watch bands are buy 3 get one free ($15 each-$45 for 4) but here is the deal:
If you buy 3 bands (and get one free) you will get you choice of
one watch face for 1/2 PRICE!! PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!
Let me break that down...$45 for 4 bands and $7.50 for a Watch Face!! $52.50 gets you 4 bands and a face (normally would cost $75 if you bought them all individually)!! You will NEVER find that good of a deal anywhere else!

Here is the catch: This is an online only deal!
*If you want to save $22.50, email me your order at and put "Police Car" as the title of the email. Offer ends Fb. 1st 2010 at Midnight!

Sweet Heart!

AWWW! Who doesn't love to put on their pink and look so sweet?! With Valentine's Day just around the corner this is a great one! The pink in BRIGHT (it is a pink bead with pink foil on the in side...very cute) and looks super fun paired with the shiny white beads.

Natural Life

If you are "basic" kinda gal, you will love this one! It is all natural colors and textures. Made with woods and stones, it is a great combo! The navy, white, and tan look incredible with the silver!

White Flowers

If you like the "Flower Connector" band you will be sure to LOVE this one! Another great basic to add to your collection. When all else fails, put on the white band!!

Browns with White

This band is alot like the "Browns" band but has the bigger white crackle stone in it. It just makes it so you can wear it with more things :)

Big Ol Black

This is a SUPER chunky band! The big black and white swirly one is stinkin cute, but BIG! I love this one, but know that it is pretty chunky! This one also has a floating silver ring in the middle.

Spring Flowers

It is never to early to be ready to the fun of spring! This band is full of fun colors that is sure to get you in the mood!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

We are the FEATURE!!

Check us out! A Give Away Everyday is featuring my bands today! Check out the review they wrote on me at Make sure you enter to win the GIVEAWAY! Lots of differant ways to enter. Who couldn't use a band and face for FREEEEEE!?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stripes and Spots

Think you are seing Stripes and Spots?! You are! This is a fun combo of the black and white stripes and the black with white poka dots. There is also a jumble of blacks, clears and silvers as well!

Red, Black and Zebra

This is kinda business lady gone sassy! Love the zebra... it is enough, not too much! Who can't use a red and black with a zing of zebra band?!

Flashy Zebra

Wow Wee! Look at that! This is a band that will catch everyone's eye. It is full of bright pink, green, black and of course ZEBRA! Makes that boring 'ol black top look totally differant!

Pretty in Pink

If the lighter pink is more your thing, this is a great one! Not so flashy, but extremly pretty with the pink quartz throughout mingled with silver and clear.

Fat and Funky!

OH MY GOSH!!! LOVE IT!! This one took a minute to grow of me, but you will see it glued to my wrist now! This guy is pretty chunky and flashy, but is FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Discount!!

Here is the deal! You still have plenty of time to place an order and get it in time for Christmas! As a little incentive, I am offering 15% off your purchase PLUS free shipping OR buy three bands get one free PLUS free shipping until Christmas!! Mention "Jingle Bells" anywhere in your email to me at when ordering and you will receive this discount. Also, be watchin out for more fun bands to come! Just have to hook the camera up and do some down loading! ENJOY!! is another sweet deal! This is The New Year Deal. If you live in Northern Utah and would like to host a party, here are the goods. If you host between now and the last day of February, you will get a FREE watch face, a FREE watch band, and 10% of your parties total sales FREE stuff! (Ex. if your party sales $300 worth of stuff you get $30 of whatever you want...bands, faces, bracelets, earrings, necklaces) Good Deal huh?? You can email about booking your party at

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Merry and Bright

This is an incredibly FUN band!! This is as Christmas as it gets! This is bright red and green, with a little bit of fun poka dots added. LOVE IT!!!

Old Fashion Christmas

I love the color combo in this one. It is more red and evergreen with a hint of wood added to it. it reminds me of Christmas at the cabin.

Holly and Berries

This is Holly and Berries. It is more green than red. It has a few different shades of green so it will be sure to match every outfit perfectly. It has just a hint of aren't screaming "Merry Christmas" with this one. Maybe more of a whisper :)

Santa Suit

This is a great Christmasy band that doesn't have to be JUST for Christmas. It is a great combo of crystal reds, stone reds, stone whites, and iridescent white and of course silvers. Super fun!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just a Reminder!!!

Ladies!!!! Don't forget the Herritage Boutique tomorrow in Provo!!! Yipee! We will be beadin from 10-5:00. Stop in and say your saw the post and get a free pair of earrings! PLUS, there are lots of fun things to see!! Hope to see you tomorrow!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Flower Watch Face

This is the flower watch face. It is pretty chunky and fun. The flower is silver (even though it looks black)with a colored face. This one is black, but that is in the mail. This also comes in many colors that can be ordered.

Special Watch Faces

These two are bit different then the others. The first is a silver face with a black dial and the second is a silver face with gold numbers. These only come in the large size.

Square Watch Faces

A little bit different from the others, these are wider on the wrist and a bit more chunky. These come in lots of colors. I usually only carry white and black, but if you want another color let me know and I will order it.