Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Here is the deal...my cute hubby got laid off from his job in May. He had been at a funiture store for 10 years then BAM! no longer had a job. At that point he decided to make a change in his life and enrolled in Police Acadamy. He graduated from that at the end of December and started his first job as real live Police Officer today!! So to celebrate (firstly, that he got a job, secondly that he won't be home all day to bug me) we are going to have a SALE!!!

You all know that the watch bands are buy 3 get one free ($15 each-$45 for 4) but here is the deal:
If you buy 3 bands (and get one free) you will get you choice of
one watch face for 1/2 PRICE!! PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!
Let me break that down...$45 for 4 bands and $7.50 for a Watch Face!! $52.50 gets you 4 bands and a face (normally would cost $75 if you bought them all individually)!! You will NEVER find that good of a deal anywhere else!

Here is the catch: This is an online only deal!
*If you want to save $22.50, email me your order at curtis713@yahoo.com and put "Police Car" as the title of the email. Offer ends Fb. 1st 2010 at Midnight!

Sweet Heart!

AWWW! Who doesn't love to put on their pink and look so sweet?! With Valentine's Day just around the corner this is a great one! The pink in BRIGHT (it is a pink bead with pink foil on the in side...very cute) and looks super fun paired with the shiny white beads.

Natural Life

If you are "basic" kinda gal, you will love this one! It is all natural colors and textures. Made with woods and stones, it is a great combo! The navy, white, and tan look incredible with the silver!

White Flowers

If you like the "Flower Connector" band you will be sure to LOVE this one! Another great basic to add to your collection. When all else fails, put on the white band!!

Browns with White

This band is alot like the "Browns" band but has the bigger white crackle stone in it. It just makes it so you can wear it with more things :)

Big Ol Black

This is a SUPER chunky band! The big black and white swirly one is stinkin cute, but BIG! I love this one, but know that it is pretty chunky! This one also has a floating silver ring in the middle.

Spring Flowers

It is never to early to be ready to the fun of spring! This band is full of fun colors that is sure to get you in the mood!