Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Fall Bands

Fall has fallen and we are all ready for new bands to compliment the different shade of clothes that we wear in the colder months. All of these oranges, browns, greens, blues. They aren't the same as the pinks, teals, yellows and whites that you wear all summer. It is just another good excuse to buy yourself something pretty! :) I am uploading pictures as I type...the problem is that I had 415 pictures on my camera! So it is taking a few minutes to upload then I will get the newest and most fun pics of the fall bands on here. It will get ya excited to the open house tomorrow! If you can't come and are interested in getting something, just let me know (either by calling me 435-833-9703 or by email and we will get an order taken care of for you and in the mail within days!! SEE YOU SOON!!!

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